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Intro to Project Management


Product Description

Intro to Project Management from Foreplay to Climax was written to help others who want to transition into the field of project management.  The guide is geared toward “virgins”, or first-time/inexperienced project managers.  The book’s purpose is to give the reader a high level overview of project management, but explains it in a unique and funny way that will make it easy to follow.  It also provides the reader with a great list of transferable skills to add to their resume, identifies qualities that are required of a good project manager, how to get started in the field of project management,  how to create a portfolio and provides a six month step by step plan for continued success.

The goal of the book is to give the reader an opportunity to determine if after reading the book, if project management is the right field to transition into versus transitioning into the role first and learning later a huge mistake has been made.  If you are saddled in a position that is not fulfilling, not challenging and not paying enough, you should give Intro to Project Management – from Foreplay to Climax a read.

The information is not just for career professionals.  This is an excellent resource for those who are working in the retail industry, fast food, manufacturing and others.   The information is currently being formulated to train high school students.  This gives kids an excellent opportunity to be educated and trained in a field that can provide alternative solutions for those not college bound.

Worthington breaks down the stages of project management, using a clever dating analogy throughout.  She ends with a “Roadmap to Success” that breaks down the steps aspiring project managers should take to reach their ultimate goal: successful management of their new career.

Readers will benefit greatly from Worthington’s conversational writing and no-nonsense approach to what can be a difficult topic to explain.


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